Qualify for a Small Business Loan

If your business qualifies you can get $5,000 to $250,000 in capital to help your business. Find out if Business Loans, Revenue-Based Financing or a Merchant Cash Advances work best for you? Your term length could be only 4 to 24 months, while your funds are deposited into your account within 24 hours of approval.

We simplify for you. BusinessLoansToday gets your business the funding it needs now. Our network supports steady, growing businesses that need access to capital now.

Our partners offer loan and advance options where repayments can be made while the business remains secure, growing and confidant.

BusinessLoansToday partnerships are made possible by the expansive connection to our experienced financial funding partners and our direct lenders.

Our partners and direct lenders have set minimum requirements for receiving funding. These requirements help ensure that a small business takes on funding only when it is favorable to the business.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Your Business
  • 6 Months+ in business or longer
  • $10,000+ monthly revenue
  • 500+ Personal Credit Score

What if your business doesn’t have all the qualifications? Not to worry, you can still qualify.

  • Pay back weekly (Mon-Fri) only. Typically 8 to 10% of credit card sales.
  • You don’t have to worry about weekend or holiday payments.
  • No set term.
  • Does your business have a large amount of credit card transactions?
  • Payment option to use with a Merchant Cash Advance.

Start-Up’s and Brand New Businesses?

Unfortunately, right now BusinessLoansToday doesn’t finance start-ups or brand new businesses. Many of the funding options involve repayments that include a portion of your businesses future sales. Right now, our network does not fund any business that has been in operation less than 6 months.

BusinessLoansToday wants to help make your business grow stronger. Our network of partners study your business to decide how much funding you can repay while continuing to make sales, holding onto continued stability and remaining a healthy, functioning business.

Without some background we can’t determine your options for funding and can’t ensure you will be able to repay and continue to grow your business.