LT Loans FAQ


Q: How do I get started to receive Business Funding?

Simply provide basic information about your business. You can answer the questions online and we will call you, or you can call us at the number on our home page. Unlike traditional banks, we don't need a business plan from you.

Q: How long does the application take?

It only takes a few minutes. We don't care about your credit history or score, only your business performance.

Q: How long does it take to get approved for business funding?

You can get approved within 1 business day. It is not an overwhelming amount of information for you to get approved. It is all quite straightforward.

Q: How do I receive my funds?

Funds are wired directly into your company's bank account. This typically within 3 business days after the approval.

Q: How do I pay back?

You pay back automatically by making small daily payments that are debited automatically from your business bank account or your business merchant account.