Merchant Cash Advance

LTLoans Makes Getting a Merchant Cash Advance Easy

Do you own a trucking company in need of a new vehicle ASAP? Your company relies on credit card sales and you need merchandise to make those sales. We can provide you with a solution. A merchant cash advance is a short-term advance on your future credit card receipts. It is usually repaid through a percentage of your daily revenue in sales.

The percentage decided is fixed for the length of your term. If your company’s revenue fluctuates or your business is seasonally affected the amount you pay will adjust to these situations. Specifically, during times of booming sales, your payment amount is higher and if your sales dip, you pay less.

Faster than traditional banks, the LTLoans network will work to get you the capital you need now. Our easy application process and partnerships get your Company evaluated quickly, able to secure funds wherever possible. Our top-financing network will provide options and within days the money can be in your account. A traditional bank can take weeks or even months. Focus on your business while you let LTLoans take care of the aggravating and time-draining search for funds.

As a business owner you understand the need for access to capital.

LTLoans has no restrictions on the use of your funds. Whatever your business needs may be, we understand. Do you need additional hiring, purchasing of inventory, or location expansion? Your choice on how you use the funds.

If you are looking for quick and adjustable finance solutions for your business, a merchant cash advance can assist. LTLoans can help you find the advance you are looking for today.